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How to package a library as component

Hello Everyone,

Hope title is making sense. I'm trying to build a component which is just a library. Can anyone help me? Guidelines available isn't just making sense.


  • LexLiLexLi CNMember

    You should point out which portion of the guide does not make sense, as I have submitted mine and now wait for approval. It does not seem to be too hard to follow though Xamarin should be able to write it in a better way.

  • DaveHumphreysDaveHumphreys GBXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Assad,

    First let me say that we are working on update documentation on the packaging and submission process.

    Secondly, If you are still have a problem with this just let me know.


  • moljacmoljac HRBeta ✭✭✭

    Generally besides your library you'll need sample for each platform, 2 icons and 3 docs files...

    line continuation char '^' in DOS box and '\' in unix terminal


    Note: no chars after i both cases

     [mono] xamarin-component.exe <LC>
        create-manually <LC>
        ComponentName-1.0.xam <LC>
        --name="Component Name" <LC>
        --summary="Add a huge amount of awesomeness to your Xamarin apps." <LC>
        --publisher="Your Corp, Inc." <LC>
        --website="" <LC>
        --details="<PATH>/" <LC>
        --license="<PATH>/" <LC>
        --getting-started="<PATH>/" <LC>
        --icon="<PATH>/ComponentName_128x128.png" <LC>
        --icon="<PATH>/ComponentName_512x512.png" <LC>
        --library="ios":"<PATH>/Awesome.iOS.dll" <LC>
        --library="android":"<PATH>/Awesome.Android.dll" <LC>
        --sample="iOS Sample. 2 sentences. ":"<PATH>/Sample.iOS.sln" <LC>
        --sample="Android Sample. 2 sentences.":"<PATH>/Sample.Android.sln"

    all You need to set up your paths...

    ComponentName - must be in filename and icons. Otherwise exceptions will lead you through...

    Version can be x.y.z.w, but preferred is x.y!! And use preferred one. I did submit one with x.y.z.w (packaging went OK), but was kindly asked to change it.

    This shoudl help You until docs arrive.




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