Fast Lane Provisioning with VS Mac

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I was able to get Fast Lane installed by following,_testing,_and_metrics/provisioning/fastlane/#Installation

However, I was never able to get any response at all from running 'which fastlane' in Terminal (it didn't fail, it just didn't output any text)? But, I could see from my terminal installation log that everything seemed to get setup properly.

I stepped thru and everything seemed to work with creating a new Project. It setup my certificate for my Mac Pro and what appear to be two identical provisioning profiles the the 'new app' I just created.

However, when I got to the 'Provision a Device' section - I connected an iPhone that VS Mac had never seen (or Xamarin Studio, for that matter) using a lightning cable. The device was not associated with any provisioning profile, but I never got asked (as outlined below)?

If the device attached is not associated with the provisioning profile selected, Visual Studio for Mac will suggest you provision the device. Click Register, followed by Add, and Visual Studio for Mac will add the device to your Apple developer account and associate it with the selected provisioning profile.

What obvious and trivial step have I ignored?


  • JesperBaltzersenJesperBaltzersen DKUniversity ✭✭

    You have to be sure fastlane is loaded into your path.
    On my mac it is not loaded automagically either. I have to run source ~/bash_profile in order to load it.
    I know you can load it automatically on start up, just not sure how.

    I'm having the same problem with the device provisioning as you i.e. nothing happens when plugging in a new device.

    Also. My Visual studio doesn't look the same as shown here

    Mine doesn't have the "sectioning". Don't know why. It looks like this:

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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