Xamarin Forms Customized Camera for iOS and Android, Custom Renderer?

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I'm pretty new to Xamarin Forms and C# in general, and need som hints on the best way to create an app for iOS and Android. I want to use the Camera to take pictures / videos and later on send them through email or something, since I want customized controls on the camera, I'm guessing the stock camera won't be an option? Which gets us to Renderers, which is the best approach to this? Preferably in a MVVM way. I just want the camera and a few customized buttons on it.

Do I make on renderer for the different buttons objects and one for the camera, the buttons I'll do as extensions of the Button class, but what about the camera?



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    Look at the Xamarin forms app called moment, a simple Google search and you should find it. There they use a custom camera controll that you can customize natively
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    Thanks for the tip @BjornB. Have looked som into moment, it's similar to Xamarin forms Custom Renderer sample Content Page.

    There's some things that I don't like with this approach though:
    Layout and handlers is being handled natively and not in PCL, thereby it's being done twice. would also rather have the camera as a view than a page, so that it could be put in another page using xaml or code.

  • Oliv3rOliv3r USMember ✭✭

    And they also uses the old Hardware.Camera in the Android Renderer, which is obsolete since API 21 and replaced by Camera2 @BjornB

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    There is this for Camera2, but it is anything but basic:


    Is this not possible to do in a simpler way for PCL?

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