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iOS collectionview reloaddata invalidatelayout


I have a problem with my collectionView. This is what I want to do and what I have at the moment:

1 collectionView
1 datasource
2 layout
2 prototyp cells
I got 2 buttons to switch between layout and prototypes cells

Can someone tell me how many times et when I have to use these methods (constructor? method when I click on a button ? subviewLayout method ?)

collectionViewTransactions.CollectionViewLayout = new CollectionViewLayoutGrid();
collectionViewTransactions.CollectionViewLayout = new CollectionViewLayoutList();
collectionViewTransactions.Source = new TransactionCollectionViewSource();

Because I got 9 items and the first time, it displays only 4 (which appears on screen), How can also display all 9 instead of only which are display on screen ?

Please can someone help me, thank a lot !

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