Visual Studio for Mac generate wrong designer Resx file for NET standard

KostiantynVoitenkoKostiantynVoitenko USUniversity

In NET standard Assembly property was moved from Type class to the TypeInfo.
If you trying to use Resx file in your NET standard lib ResXFileCodeGenerator create incorrect file.
Instead of typeof(Resources).GetTypeInfo().Assembly it generate typeof(Resources).Assembly
This works for PCL targeting to .NET 4.6 but does not for NET standard.


  • KostiantynVoitenkoKostiantynVoitenko USUniversity

    looks like it's already fixed in version 7.1

  • BradCunninghamBradCunningham USBeta, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

    This is still broken for me? Is anyone else having this problem? Do i just need to update something on my side?

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