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How to make paint software?

Recently, I am a beginner who started Xamarin.Forms.
Xamarin can cross-platform development.
Because SkiaSharp is a pure 2D painting library (in physical pixels)
I expect Xamarin be able to produce pixelperfect drawing software.
In studying, I saw a bit of the following tutorial.

In order to create painting software, you must acquire a touch event,
How can I get a touch event from SKCanvasView?
Xamarin.Forms has a GestureRecognizer, but this is not enough.
· Click, when you start tapping
· While clicking, tapping
· Click is over, when the tap is over
These are necessary.
So different codes are required for each platform.
Because I do not know how to handle SkiaSharp, renderer (renderer does not understand something)
I would appreciate it if you can give an example of simple drawing application.

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