Scrolling works VERY slow on some Android devices

curiousXamarinUsercuriousXamarinUser USMember ✭✭
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When using scrolling methods like ScrollUpTo or ScrollDownTo, the scrolling works VERY slow on some Android phones. Specifically on Android versions below 7.0

It takes literally minutes before the UI Test starts scrolling to the next element. It doesn't matter if I use ScrollStrategy.Auto, ScrollStrategy.Programmatically or ScrollStrategy.Gesture


  • JoseBrazetaJoseBrazeta USMember

    I noticed this as well!
    Is there a solution to make the Scroll methods faster?
    I use the method "ScrollTo" a lot, and, in some screens of my app, it takes minutes to get hidden elements to the screen!

  • The_Xamarin_TesterThe_Xamarin_Tester PTMember ✭✭

    I also noticed the times to scroll to elements that are not in the screen are very high.
    Initially I was thinking this could be the emulator fault, but I try to perform scroll on a Physical Device (OnePlus One) and it is very slow as well!
    I also use the "ScrollTo" method, and I have try to use the "withinMarked" tag to indicate to the test to perform the scroll inside a specific element. But the results are the same, it takes minutes to be able to get elements to the screen!

    Does anyone else also have this problem?

  • PeterSimonsPeterSimons GBMember ✭✭

    this usually happens because UITest will perform the action on the first available area and because all screens sit on the back stack on android what is actually happening is that uitests is scrolling through every scrollable list in the background looking for the element to scroll too.

    I have found that explicitly setting the view/scrollview(withinMarked as mentioned above) that the item you are looking for is on increases the performance a great deal.

    You could also try changing the scroll speed and percentage. but with that all said and done our test suite currently takes around 40 minutes on iOS and 3.2hours on android. So there is definitely some performance issues with UITest on android

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