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Anyone offering consulting services building Xamarin bindings for native libraries?

We are considering the framework for a project I am working on. However, the project does not offer Xamarin bindings, and I don't think I have enough Objective-C/native experience to build it my self (even the Xamarin tutorial comes with som hefty warnings).

The iosvideokit blog has a post on how to use it as a static library from Swift: - so I assume it would be possible to build a Xamarin binding for the framework.

Do anyone on the form offer consulting services in this area (i.e. not a typical app developer consulting company, but someone with proven competency in building Xamarin bindings for native libraries)?


  • tuyenvtuyenv VNUniversity ✭✭✭

    Hi @JonasFolles,

    Have you found any one?

    I have created many bindings which you could find at my company GitHub.

    For sort list, there are:

    • Stripe
    • MapBox
    • BrainTreePayment

    I am strongly confident to help you at this topic.


  • I created bindings for this library. If you need them still let me know.

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