Where should the assets for UrhoSharp.forms be located?

I've been searching for hours where the assets are located in xamarin.forms(urhosharp.forms).
So far i've put the assets in almost every folder..., documentation isn't that helpfull since its pretty much non existent.

this is my code where let the urhosurface get rendered, as you can see i give an applicationsoptions with the string containing the location of my assets, this is my 20th attempt, i've changed this like 100 times, searched all of the interwebs (the darkweb not yet) on where the assets folder should be placed in xamarin.forms

_urhosurface = await urhoSurface.Show(new ApplicationOptions(assetsFolder: "Assets/Data/")
Orientation = ApplicationOptions.OrientationType.Portrait

this is the code where i try to get a asset from the folder and here is where it crashes

var cache = ResourceCache;
Sprite2D sprite = cache.GetSprite2D("floorplan.png");

if someone could explain or give me some beter documentation it would be a massive help.


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