Fatal error when using ToolbarItem with icon property assigned - SIGSEGV

pmdlspmdls USMember

We're using a ToolbarItem with icon property assigned in one of the ContentPages in our app.
We're using the Clicked event to control some workflow of the app.

When clicking several times in the button-icon, there's always a mono exception with critical behaviour causing the app to exit without any kind of capacity to treat the error.

Attention: we already tried it without using any event generated by the ToolbarItem and it still exits!

When we modify the code to present simple Text instead of an icon, we cannot reproduce in any way this behaviour.

Any thoughts on what's causing this? Stack attached...

Best regards,
Pedro Santos



  • BrunoLampreiaBrunoLampreia USMember

    I had exactly the same problem and in my case the crash was caused by using animations in the same page. It was some conflict between the toolbar button animation and the other animations. Removing the animation from the button using a custom renderer did the trick for me.

  • pmdlspmdls USMember

    That worked!! Thank you @BrunoLampreia !!! B)

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