Xamarin forms performance differences between ModalPage and NavigationPage?

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I have a Xamarin forms app for Android and iOS, and I can't seem to find any figures in terms of performance, efficientcy, responsiveness between the two, if I were to use only one type troughtout an entire app.



    It depends on you used case... If your application has lot of navigation then used navigationPage otherwise you can use whatever you want..

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    Hi @heathbm

    Modal Page:

    We’ll use modal pages when your application needs some information from the user and you don’t want the user to return to the previous page until that information is provided. Below C# code is used to navigate to specific page name is DetailPage.

        async void ModelPageNavigation ()  
         await Navigation.PushModalAsync (new DetailPage ()); //Navigate to Details Page  

    Modeless Page (or) NavigationPage

    The difference between modal and modeless pages mostly involves the user interface that the operating system
    provides Back button on the page for returning back to the previous page.

    async void ModelessPageNavigation ()  
           await Navigation.PushAsync (new DetailPage ()); //Navigate to Details Page, will create Back button navigation page  
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