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TabbedPage -> MasterDetailPage -> ListView resulting in "dead touch" area on iOS

NausherwanKoraiNausherwanKorai USMember
edited June 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

Hey all,

Xamarin.Forms Version: Xamarin.Forms.

I'm working on a project where the layout hierarchy is a tabbed page that has a master detail page as one of it's children, and the master detail page contains a list view. This works fine on Android and UWP but I'm facing something odd on iOS (iPhone 7) specifically. The bottom 5-10%-ish of the listview touch area seems to route all touch to the master detail page's swipe-to-see-the-menu gesture instead of the listview scroll.

I go ahead and use IsGestureEnabled = false on the master detail page and this ends up resulting in that area just becoming unresponsive to all touch. I'm wondering if there is something that I can do here, potentially remove the gesture recognizer at the CustomRenderer level or something that would allow the listview's "touch" to take precedence over the master details swipe gesture.

I will note that this problem doesn't occur when the root page is the MasterDetailPage and the TabbedPage is eliminated from the hierarchy. For my purposes I would like to keep the hierarchy as it is i.e. TabbedPage -> MasterDetailPage -> ListView.

Here is a sample project that demonstrates this problem, IsGestureEnabled is set to false in the master detail page. Any help would be appreciated


  • CarlosCMCarlosCM USMember ✭✭

    @NausherwanKorai have you found a solution for this problem? I've encountered the exact same situation: TabbedPage -> MasterDetailPage -> ListView.

    I have a ListView in the Master view and another one in the Detail view, and it happens in both.

  • QuangHVNQuangHVN Member ✭✭

    I found issue by this steps:
    MasterDetailPage.Detail > TabbedPage > NavigationPage > NavigationPage > ListViewpage > listview

    MasterDetailPage.Detail > NavigationPage > TabbedPage > NavigationPage > ListViewpage > listview

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