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Blank white screen in Xamarin Forms

DeveshMishraDeveshMishra USMember ✭✭


I am developing one application in XF. In App.xaml.cs, i have written some thing which is mentioned below and it's pretty straight forward.

public App()
    MainPage = new SplashScreenPage();

protected override void OnStart()
    MainPage = new LoginPage();

While debugging, i can see, the App() constructor called first, then OnStart() gets called. But in practical scenario, i can't see SplashScreenPage(), it directly shows LoginPage().

Before LoginPage(), i can see one blank white screen which is very annoying for end user. Instead of that, i want to show SplashScreen to end user.

In short, i want to avoid that blank white screen from end user. Is it possible what i am trying to achieve in XF ?

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