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Surprisingly the slider in XF is not a Range slider

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Hi guys,

Correct me if I am wrong, Surprisingly the slider in XF is not a Range slider.

What I see is only trivial options like Maximum, Minimum and Value.
What is stopping XF components to give some features like RangeMin and RangeMax out of box?

I know I could use 100s of PCLs which work really nice and makes my application's UI and functional aspects seamlessly great across and with a penalty of increase in application size and dependencies on the said PCLs.

I found the '' which works on both the Android and iOS (released 2 years back), why then not on XF?
Another great looking component is '', however why use just another 3rd party component/library?

Guys please put this in change/Feature requests or Xamarin Future tab.

N Baua


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