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June 15: Turin, Italy - Xamarin: How to survive Code Sharing

FrancescoBonacciFrancescoBonacci ITUniversity ✭✭
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One week after Xamarin Dev Day Turin, on June 15 Torino Technologies Group will host a free meetup focused on Code Sharing in Xamarin.

Here is the description and agenda of the event:

Title: Xamarin: How to survive Code Sharing

During this intermediate session about Xamarin, Francesco Bonacci, Microsoft Student Partner, will step through different approaches concerning code sharing among Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and UWP. We will also see how to take advantage of the major design patterns to build loosely-coupled and easy testable components.


  • PCL vs Shared Project vs .NET Standard: Current state of the art
  • MVVM: Overview and application in Xamarin.Forms
  • Major patterns in Xamarin: Strategies - Service Locator, DI, IOC Container...
  • Prism as an example of MVVM-friendly framework: AutoWiring, DI, Containers and NavigationService

Time: 18:00pm - 20:00pm

MIC – Microsoft Innovation Center c/o ISMB
Via Pier Carlo Boggio 61, 10138 Torino

No need for registration.

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