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Hi everyone,

It has been a long journey for me trying to get URLs on my webpage to open my Android and iOS app. For Android all was smooth sailing.
iOS was probably the hardest most confusing thing I have ever done. I first started try using custom URL Scheme. That method worked however it would be hard to handle when the user does not have the app installed - it would not be very user friendly. On that note I also have tried setting a timeout to redirect users to the app store which is not a good enough hack. Custom URL Scheme is also replaced in iOS 9 which I have been trying to get working. After a week of banging my head on the wall for a week, I was able to get the app banner to appear on safari.

Similar to ...

This was all nice and all but it wasn't the functionality i wanted. Whenever I clicked on any links within my webpage it didn't function like the "Open" button on that banner. I have tried multiple methods of troubleshooting this issue and to no avail. I was able to type the link into a notes page and click and hold that url to open my app which makes me believe i didn't do anything wrong configuration wise - same applies to when i click and hold links on my webpage in safari.

I'm almost there I feel but not quite complete. If anyone have encountered this problem before, any insight on what i'm doing wrong or can do to further troubleshoot this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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