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AirBnb kind of app with tabbed navigation and with allot of pins

david.bdavid.b USMember
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I want to make an app like AirBnB with Xamarin forms and need som guidelines. I made the classes in the self guided learning section, googled around and it gave me some knowledge and some more question, especially about the map/pins.
My point with makeing an app like AirBnb is that the main focus will be the map, to get an overview of all objects (the residences in AirBnb's case). I know that I need to customize the map to get some more functionality of the pins, because I need to show the prices without clicking on the pin. There will also be some basic usage in the app eg. add an object, change some settings...

My first thoughts is about the pins. Is it any possibility that there will be a performance issue when I get to many pins? I guess it's hard to tell me a number, but is it like if I got 100 pins? 1000 pins? 10 000+ pins? Because in that case it's perhaps better to show a pin that tells the number of objects in that area, eg 100+ and rerender the map when zooming. When it's enough zoomed it shows the real objecs. Is this a good solution or do you have any option? I'll probably not have 10 000 pins, but in case I would how do I handle it? Loop trough evry pin and calculate if it's within the users view and render it? And if the user is moveing the map I do need to loop trough all of the pins again and rerender it based on the adress and what area the user is viewing? Sorry for my uncertainty but it would been nice with some advice!

I like the tabbed page navigation. But I got a bit of unsecure when I read this "The TabbedPage does not support UI virtualization. Therefore, performance may be affected if the TabbedPage contains too many child elements.".
Is a pin a child element? In that case it's probably not good to use tabbed page with my map! Or if it's possible to use tabbed page navigation but to exclude it when the user goes to the map view?
Is there better to use another navigation? Is there any navigation that is very commonly used?
I will be very thankful for every kind of help that I'll get! Things that's good or bad to use so I don't make all misstakes! :)

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