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Is it possible to run simultaneous runs with different device configurations?

MatteoCarforaMatteoCarfora USMember

Is it possible to run multiple test runs with different test suites at the same time with an account that permits device concurrency?
In this question the answer was this

When you create a test run in Xamarin Test cloud, the second page in the Test Run wizard has an option to run tests concurrently (the Parallelization drop down).

If you are submitting tests at the command line, you can run tests in parallel using one of the following two command line parameters:

--test-chunk to run tests in parallel by method
--fixture-chunk to run tests in parallel by fixture.

But can I test on different devices like in this example?

Device1 - test1, test2
Device2 - test1, test3
Device3 - test4, test5 (from other assemblies)

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  • RonTolliverRonTolliver USUniversity ✭✭

    Also curious about this.

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