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NavigationPage BackgroundImage is not working

JohnTobinJohnTobin USMember

Using a very simple cross platform app running on iOS, I have created a navigation page and added MainPage to the navigation page.
After creating the navigation page I set the navigation page's background image, but nothing appears.
Using the same technique I set the background image to MainPage and the image is shown.

code below:

namespace bi
public partial class App : Application
public App ()

        MainPage mp = new bi.MainPage();
        NavigationPage np = new NavigationPage(mp);

        MainPage = np;

        mp.BackgroundColor = Color.Transparent;
        //mp.BackgroundImage = "wavescrashing.png"; // This works!

        np.BackgroundColor = Color.Transparent;
        np.BackgroundImage = "wavescrashing.png"; // This does not work!

The image exists, because MainPage shows it, but NavigationPage does not.
This has me stumped, any ideas?


Best Answer


  • JohnTobinJohnTobin USMember

    Looks like you are right. Navigation page is just a container.

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