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We are spinning up a department to provide our company with in-house iOS apps. We have more than 25000 employees worldwide and plan on building a large suite of apps the coming years. The apps are deplpyed to our company MAM (AirWatch), which is a catalogue of ready-to-use apps that can be downloaded and installed into company-enrolled devices only.

I am trying to understand how our projects can perform alpha and beta testing however. Up until now we have simply been using normal developer provisioning profiles (and certificates) but the limit of 100 identified devices is fast becoming a big show-stopper. From what I've seen and understood the housekeeping of those 100 devices is extremely primitive as the dev-portal doesn't allow much extra info to be added so it's difficult to know whether the devices can ble cleaned out or not. Add to that the limitation of a once-a-year clean-up and we're left with a situation that is not viable for a company of our size.

So, how do you go about distributing an app for testing to a bunch of employees, without consuming any of those "100 named devices"? Surely, this must be possible, right?

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