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C++ library dependecy not ported to Android App.

I am building an universal app for Android , in which i am using a .NET dll library which i created for some specific use , this .NET library has dependecy to external C++ library , the library is imported in .NET dll like this:

public static extern int ExportToCall(int argument);

The problem is when i build the app on android it seems like the .NET ( converted to PCL ) works perfectly but when it comes to DLLImport "yourdll.dll" it chrashes beacuse the C++ DLL is not found by android app.


05-29 07:35:26.685 W/Mono ( 3812): DllImport unable to load library 'dlopen failed: library "/data/app/androidIOS.Android-1/lib/x86/libyourdll.dll" not found'.

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