Linear Gradient Along a Circular path?

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Is it possible to use a series of shader [in SkiaSharp] to create a linear gradient along a circular path - as seen in this case in illustrator?
I will try to install Kimono to investigate to see if this can be done. I appreciate any link or suggestion

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  • jim_seowjim_seow DEMember ✭✭

    HI Matthew, and for those with similar curiosity of what SkiaSharp can deliver, do spent some time on Kimono [perhaps through channel 9].

    The tool is amazing and has lots of potential. Now only running in MacOS. I wish it will eventually be ported to Windows.

    I started not exactly sure how to do it. But after learning how to create gradients in Kimono and looking through the SkiaSharp code generated. I now understand SkiaSharp better. Kimono provides valuable skiasharp recipes in addition to what have been provided by SkiaSharp samples. I am still refining, I am getting there :-)

    The codes provided by Matthew helps.

  • How can i achieve SKShader.CreateSweepGradient using SkiaSharp.Views.iOS in xamarin.iOS? can anyone suggest your solution?

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