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Old shared class library projects broken in Visual Studio for Mac?

auxuaauxua DEMember

Hello everybody,

I tried the new Visual Studio for Mac in the last days and encountered a strange behavior. I have an old solution which was created about two years ago (xamarin forms shared project including an iOS project). A subset of the business logic is in a separate portable class library (Profile 259) and referenced in the projects like the iOS project.

Now, when using the last xamarin studio (6.3), I can build an run the iOS project without problems. But when using the same solution in Visual Studio for Mac, the build tasks exits with an error, indicating that the assembly of the shared class library cannot be found.

Is anybody else having such problems or is there a simple workaround? (re-assigning profiles?)

Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend,


  • auxuaauxua DEMember

    I created an additional class library in Visual Studio for Mac. This one is detected as valid build target in the Debug/IphoneSimulator configuration and uses the Profile111/msbuild.

    Therefore, I edited the .csproj file of the old library and they are almost the same now (Project GUID/Namespace are only differences).

    Still, VS does not recognize the old library as valid and I cannot use this in the iOS Project.

    Seems, the only solution is to move the old library to the new one - at least this works at the moment...

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