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Introducing MFractor for Visual Studio Mac

Matthew-RobbinsMatthew-Robbins AUInsider ✭✭

I'm very pleased to announce the release of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac!

MFractor seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio for Mac for a superior Xamarin development experience:

  • Easily create Xamarin.Forms apps with XAML analysis, a suite of navigation shortcuts and powerful XAML to C# code generation tools.
  • Take the sting out of Android development using resource Intellisense, a better navigation experience, a suite of Android-specific C# code analyzers and more.
  • Make day-to-day development easier with MFractors collection of C# code actions and refactorings.
  • Don't like the code that MFractor generates? Tweak it with a rich configuration engine.

Get it now!

View the full announcement here.

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