How do you handle publishing app updates that use a newer version of Android?

applejaxapplejax CAMember ✭✭

Hello, I am new to development and have a rookie question about the following:

I have released the first version of my app on the Google Play store.
The settings for

  • Compile Using Android Version
  • Minimum Android to target
  • Target Android Version

were all set to Android 4.4.

I want to create a newer version of my application that targets Android 5.0.

I'm clueless about my versioning-strategy here.

Do I now have to maintain two separate code-bases, one for Anroid 4.4 and another for Android 5.0?

Or do I simply continue with my original code base, compile it for Android 5.0 and publish that to the store as an update? If so, would people using an android phone on version 4.4 get some kind of warning when they take the update?

Any info on how this kind of updating works would be great.

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