Change background color of Time Element section

Hi all,
I'm working with monotouch.dialog and I want to put a TimeElement on my section. When I click on it, a blackview appear. This seams to be related that my background color is black and that the TimeElement is transparent and have the text in black. So i'm just asking, how can I change the background color to make it visible.

Here is the code I use to create my section

Root = new RootElement ("Recherche horaire temps réel") {

            new Section (""){
                new StringElement("Station : " + statioName, delegate {
                    var searchStationView = new searchStation("SINGLE");
                    searchStationView.NavigationItem.LeftBarButtonItem = backButton;

                    PresentViewController(new UINavigationController(searchStationView), true, null);
            new Section ("") {
                new TimeElement ("Horaire : ", DateTime.Now)


Thank you


  • Ok, here the solution

    new Section ("") { new TimeElement ("Horaire : ", DateTime.Now){ BackgroundColor = UIColor.White } }

    Simple as that

    Hope that can help someone ;)

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