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WebClient/HttpClient/HttpWebRequest EXTREMELY slow on Linux

I have an application using Mono 3.2.x. In one area, we need to loop through a bunch of records and look up an ID for each of those records from a web service.

On OS X, these lookups take < 1 second. On Linux, it consistently takes 5 seconds per request. I've tried using WebClient, HttpClient, HttpWebRequest as well as various optimizations like setting the request proxy to null. Nothing helps. It consistently takes about 5 seconds per request on any Linux machine I've tried. The time is in the actual request, not any kind of processing.

Has anyone run into this issue? It seems crazy that such a major part of the API, http request loading, would be so broken on such a common platform, Linux. So I assume I must be doing something wrong, I just don't know what.

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