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Xamarin forms Plugin Media

What are the real alternative to make a screen like the following?

I use a lot the Media Plugin but there is no way to:

  • Iterate the images in the default gallery
  • No way to detach the camera screen from the view created

(Not without passing throughout other actions)

I'm asking: what is the flow to create and analyze the mediaplugin and extend the current functionalities to make a screen "user compatible"?

I start need more flexibility with xamarin crossplatform it's a good tool (the main tool on this) but looking to the documentation it's hard to understand the logic behind the coded controls. I/We need more!!

Please, where can i find documentation "detailed" about control architecture e.g.

  • step to make camera connected
  • step to understand default gallery management

I Know that using native code is possible, i made it..

but I like keep simple.. less tools...

I know there is a real analysis to respect but I really have difficult in finding answer in xamarin.doc and xamarin.labs, they are deeper in specific scenarios loosing generic practices and ux possibilities..

Thanks for the help! The patience! and the support on this discussion, not specific for media plugin but also for media plugin!

Open to suggestions!!


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