Is it possible to run the code analysis tool in Visual Studio via command line?

I'd like to have our build server environment run a code analysis on each build to find the same type of issues that are reported when selecting Project > Analyze > Whole Solution from within Visual Studio for Mac.

I've been looking for the parameters to pass to msbuild to get this output, but I haven't been able to find anything (I've tried /p:RunCodeAnalysis=true but it doesn't seem to do anything).

Is this possible?



  • CosminStirbuCosminStirbu ROMember ✭✭

    Hi Daniel,

    Did you find a way to run the Source Analysis from command line? I'm also interesting in catching these as part of our CI.

    Thank you,

  • dpfeifferdpfeiffer USUniversity

    Unfortunately, no. But I haven't tried in the last couple months.
    I did recently notice a new(ish) options in project build settings called "Code Analytics" with an option to enable code analysis during the build process. But I haven't taken a look to see if this is helpful.

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