Finally resolved Visual Studio debugging problem (IOS simulator)

OysteinKrog_InitialForceOysteinKrog_InitialForce NOMember ✭✭
edited October 2013 in Visual Studio

Hi guys (and gals),

We've never been able to get visual studio "remote debugging" (in simulator) to work for our main project, even though test projects have been working fine.

I finally sat down and did some testing today to see if I could find the cause, and I'm so happy to say that I finally did! :)

It turns out that we somehow had Info.plist files in our Images/Resource folders that somehow caused this.
I'm not sure what these files are, they seem to be binary files (they do not look anything like the proper Info.plist in the project), maybe they are "image catalogs"?.

After I removed these files (we had two of them), everything magically started working.

I got clued into looking at these files by the Visual Studio IOS extension version 1.6 (alpha), which gave a msbuild task error (ValidateInfoPlist) (but it did not say which files caused the problem).


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