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Hi again

Im trying to make my app run in background. What I want , is to download something from one server and when downloading finishes i want to pop to previous view controler. I tried with safe tasks but when my iPad locks and I unlock it and download hasnt finish my app terminates or cashes.


  • spyrosiosspyrosios GRMember

    I tried all of these my friend.
    Btw I dont want to implement DidENterBackground . I want to make a task in viewWillAppear because i want after download to pop to previous view controller

  • sezamuzsezamuz BSMember ✭✭

    any Task<...> / await async make crash? show some code pls.

  • spyrosiosspyrosios GRMember
    edited November 2013

    Hi again

    I tried to put my code in

        int taskID = UIApplication.SharedApplication.BeginBackgroundTask( () => {});
        //my code

    but when my iPad gets locked and i try to unlock it after 5 seconds my app exits without any exception , just like we force quit it.

    Then i tried to put my code in
    same happens

    Then i tried
    same happens

    and at last i tried to configure the info.plist file and add a background mode

    I had no good results.

    I really need your help

  • sezamuzsezamuz BSMember ✭✭

    put here zip file with work sample illustrated your bug

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