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App fails to start in iOS Simulator for any version earlier than iOS 7.0.

Bob_ReckBob_Reck USMember ✭✭✭

Hello fellow Xamarin developers,

I'm trying to debug a problem with my app on iOS 6 that a user reported. The problem is deep in the app, so it runs for the user, but fails when they perform a specific action. I do not have a physical device that is running iOS 6.0 so naturally I tried to run my app in the simulator.

If I run it in the simulator on iOS 7, my app starts just fine and I am able to use it.

If I try to run it using iOS 6.0 or 6.1, then the app's splash screen loads but the app then "Crashes" before the initial view controller is loaded. I have set break points in ViewWillAppear and ViewDidLoad but it doesn't seem to get that far. My app is set to support iOS 6 and above.

How the heck can I figure out what is going on? I'm using the latest Stable version of Xamarin Studio and Xcode 5.


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