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create Binding library of Ads

Cansado2930Cansado2930 ESMember ✭✭

I have decided to develop the binding library for some Ads SDK because I need them and there aren't or there are some with old SDK. In this case, I want to start with Smaato. (When it works, I'll publish it in order to other developers can use it). I have created the binding Project with the last jar SDK and there are 57 errors. And I don't know how I should continue it.
The first error and there a lot of them is the message that the type has already had a definition of X. ("El tipo 'NativeAd.ErrorEventArgs' ya contiene una definición para 'P0' Com.Smaato.Soma.Nativead.NativeAd.cs")
What should I do in order to fix this kind of error? Sorry, it's my first library and I have read the documentation but I haven't understood it yet.
Thanks you!



  • Cansado2930Cansado2930 ESMember ✭✭

    For example, I have added it the following line in order to delete the class that is Defined previously but it doesn't work.

    on Metadata.xml
    What is the error?
    Thanks you

  • Cansado2930Cansado2930 ESMember ✭✭

    If I put the code on GitHub, Will you help me in order to understand the errors in order to fix them?

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