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XBuild not compiling Humanizer language resources

BrandonRisellBrandonRisell USMember ✭✭

We've run into an issue where XBuild isn't including the various language specific humanizer assemblies. MSBuild does this fine. Building locally in Visual Studio, we see localized strings. When or Xamarin Studio builds the same project, no humanizer localization.

I've made a very simple reproduction that is a new Xamarin app with a humanized DateTime. When built with Xamarin Studio, no language resources are included other than the default English, when built with Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac, the language resources are included(I have my phone in spanish, so quickly see this with the repro app). Repro app is here:

I have a couple questions.

First, where is the best place to ask for support with this issue? It seems like an XBuild issue, since MSBuild seems to build it fine, but perhaps it's a Humanizer issue and I should post on their issues page?

Second, Any recommendations for how to debug something like this? Is there some way to debug/follow the build process itself besides reading through the log? I did scan through the build log(searched for humanizer really), which is set to normal currently, but nothing stood out, other than it was missing the /es/Humanizer.Resources.dll assembly when built with XBuild. Should I be digging through Diagnostic logs or is there some better way to sort out what is going on?

Thank you for any insight or help that you can provide :).


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  • BrandonRisellBrandonRisell USMember ✭✭

    Awesome, I'll see if our CI service supports that check box. Thank you for pointing me at the issue as well. I searched on bugzilla for it, but struggled to know how to search best. Thank you Matt!

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