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Skipped 41 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.

JosuGJosuG ESMember ✭✭


I have created an app which in the main thread I populate with data the different controls the axml is having.
This part is working fine.

However I have tryed to include a first execution walkthrough by using ShowcaseViews control.
The walkthrough is shown but when I click OK, a unhalhed error is thrown.

I have read that I can solve this issue by creating a different thread but in this new thread I can't access UI elements.
I have tryed using RunOnUiThread in the new thread but it does not solve the error

1) How can I solve this issue
2) Is there any other component similiar to ShowcaseViews that creates walkthroughs or help for users easyly

Thanks in advance

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