Xamarin.Forms.Application.Current.Properties with issues

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I'm experiencing some inconsistency with persistent Xamarin Forms Properties... In release mode I have a config page that every entry and switch sets values in Properties and OnAppearing() it reads the Properties and sets the value to the UI accordingly. I've noticed that sometimes when I change some values and change page within the App, when I come back only 1 or 2 values were saved and not all of them. I've checked the file in the app folder /files/.config/.isolated-storage/PropertyStore.forms after changing some values and sometimes I've noticed that some values stayed the same as they were and did not save the new value. but doing these steps over and over (changing page and opening it again and setting the values) after a while (like 2 or 3 times) then the values did change and where indeed saved in PropertyStore.forms file. I can't just figure out the pattern when this happens.. seems random.

And another unrelated question... Is there a way to preserve Properties file when deploying new build? this too sometimes it keeps the Properties and other times it clears the PropertyStore.forms file.

This is on android. I still don't have a iOS version to test if it behaves the same way.

Tools -> Options-> Xamarin Android -> preserve application data is enabled.

(The files I create in the App's files folder are never deleted)

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    Thanks! I'll try that... I've just noticed that if I force close the App that ALL Properties are erased... which makes the Xamarin Component completly unrealiable...

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