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Control/Component/Library to create drawings using shapes

greutergreuter USMember
edited May 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

Hi all,

We are creating an app to help technicians to plan their installations. one key feature should be to take a picture, then drag device icons on the picture, resize them, connect them with arrows and lines.

Therefore i am looking for a library or component i could use that offers functionality like visio or apples "Keynote" app. It should allow to drag icons to the drawing, resize, rotate them, draw lines and arrows. additionally the shapes should not be merged into a single image, but should remain editable after reloading data.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Did any of you have similar requirements or have xperience with a library?

we're relasing the app for ios first, however we implement it using xamarin.forms

best regards



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