How do I use XLabs PopupLayout within TabbedPage?

Henrique.7684Henrique.7684 USMember ✭✭

There are very few samples on how to use PopupLayout and I'm lost because the only examples I found was to set it to the MainPage.Content... which does not work for me, I mean it works because I'm creating a ContentPage with PopupLayout and setting that to be my MainPage... but when I click on cancel button (within the popup) it closes the popup and I get a blank screen.

He is the senario... I have a TabbedPage in XAML and a button on that TabbedPage that I want to open the popup to fill the tabbedPage area.

I've tried to add the to my page at lots of places and even containing all my page (beginning in a stacklayout) and nothing works...

Can someone guide me how to use popuplayout properly? thanks

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