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Reading an image file I saved...

CorwynCorwyn USMember ✭✭✭

I have delved through a number answers here and not found one that works for me or seems to apply.

I used the camera app sample ( as a base to take and save a picture. after the picture is saved I want to go back and load the picture into and imageview.

My latest bit of code to determine why it is not working looks like the following.

        File picFile = new File(Environment.DirectoryPictures + "/RibbonScroller/" + pictureFiles[item]);
        if (picFile.Exists()) {
        // load the pic
        else {
              string ne = picFile.AbsolutePath.ToString() + " does not exist.";

picFile.AbsolutePath.ToString() returns /Pictures/RibbonScroller/myRibbon_de089542-e3b7-4c7a-970d-863efd2cb837.jpg
which appears to be the correct path.

What am I not understanding?

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