How to select an image from gallery ios/droid Xamarin.Forms way, and what happened to xlabs?

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My goal is trying to select an image from the gallery and get the file stream from this action, for both ios/droid.

I've been searching around and found a few samples using xlabs IMediaPicker, however, it seems xlabs had some major refactoring, and all those sample not working anymore.

On Nuget, the new xlabs.forms still pointing to the old project in Git, which is has this notice:
NOTICE: This project is no longer maintained. It may not work with newer versions of Xamarin.Forms.

For all the samples I found, following line is returning null, so couldn't go further than that.

mediaPicker = DependencyService.Get<IMediaPicker>(); 

I've never worked with xlabs before, so don't mind go back to just Xamarin.Forms way to achieve this.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.

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