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Deploy an app on my iphone

edited April 2017 in Xamarin.iOS
Hi, i like to deploy an app that i made with Visual Studio on an iphone. Can i do it without a developer account? I think not, but some month ago i downloaded the jailbreak .ipa file for jailbreak my iphone(___________FIRST, I UNINSTALLED THE JAILBREAK , SECOND I DON'T WANT TO DEPLOY THIS FOR MY IPHONE, BUT FOR MY DADS IPHONE, THAT HASN'T GOT JAILBREAK________)and i deployed it on my mobile phone with Cydia Impactor. How can i make a .ipa file with my program to install on my dads iphone with Cydia Impactor? Can i do it?
Thank you all, bye
P.s. I apologize for my errors in this question but i'm a 14 years old boy and i don't know english so much :)
P.p.s. Another thing: i apologize for the probabily wrong choise of posts section, but i'm new on this platform
p.p.p.s i write this post another time because you closed the discussion as a result of i write with an error: it was that i tell you that (sorry for the 2nd "that") i wanted to deploy it on my iphone, that (another one ahha)i don't specified in the older post that (4th... i don't found a synonyms lol ) i uninstalled the jailbreak , so my mobile phone isn't jailbroken. Anyway i want to install my program on my dads iphone.Sorry for this nonsense phrase, i apologize
(I have got a windows laptop, not a mac)


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