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MtouchSdkVersion - risks of running different versions?

In our project MtouchSdkVersion is set to 10.0, and that was working fine for awhile. At some point my xcode was updated or something such that I could only deploy if I edited the file to be 10.3. I am wondering what setting we should have for the team.

It seems that I can remove the setting and Visual Studio will just go ahead and use whats available. That seems to be an easy way to get all our dev environments working regardless of what version we have of the SDK. I worry though that if we're developing with different versions of the iOS sdk than our product is deployed with there could be differences in behavior that catch us by surprise. Is that a real concern? What kind of surprises might we run into if our team and and different build environments are allowed to run against different versions of the MtouchSdk?

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