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Copying files to emulator file system

I have a requirement to reference a sqlite database in a Xamarin Forms application. I'm using Xamarin Studio and I have an android emulator set up and working with a simple test application. When I load Android Device Monitor and click on the File Explorer tab I see an empty file system as I would expect but the pull/push file options are both disabled. Can someone explain how I can copy a file from the mac file system to the emulator? I'm very new to Xamarin development and the mac so please keep it simple!


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  • RoyStringerRoyStringer USMember

    Thank you both for your help.

    The database is rather large, currently around 20 mb, so I'm not sure if embedding as a resource is the best long term solution. It is a read only database on the device but likely to require regular updates. However, this technique does overcome my immediate problem.

  • rahtriparahtripa USMember ✭✭

    Copy on iOS in go to


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