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How to upload a photo to a Facebook Page album? How xamarin works with Facebook API?

WinterCloudWinterCloud GBMember ✭✭✭

Currently all the ideas are fuzzy, really need guidance for the final picture.

Main idea is there is a shared album, where all app users can upload photos into.

I had a look Google Photo before, after hours of internet searching, I believe the result is Google Photo DON'T have API support. Developers can use old Picasa Web Albums Data API to upload and download photo, however, it doesn't 100% fit with the Google Photo features, ie shared album.

If there is any method can do without user need to log in to anything will be great. Currently all the ways I found, user have to login to some sorts, before uploading images.

Currently, I'm thinking, Facebook might be the most open environment for users to upload photos... however, can user upload photo to a public Facebook Page's album?

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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