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Offline Files synchronization with Xamarin forms and Azure Cloud

Hi, I explain my situation please recommend me some method. I'm creating an offline sync app using Azure as cloud and xamarin forms.

Aim of App:

  1. Capture an image, writing description for an image
  2. Storing it in the local database and when the internet is available it should sync it with Azure SQL database.

Things I have done:

  1. I'm using IMobileServiceSyncTable which saves a record locally without image and if the internet available it syncs local records with Azure SQL database table. This works fine.

Problem which I'm facing:

  1. I did some research and found a library Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Server.Files which links images or files with a record and this library sync both images or files in Azure blob storage and description of the image in SQL Table. But we can't achieve it. Facing many errors. I think this library was deprecated

Others Recommendations

  1. Using different library to store images to blob storage and Can insert URL in SQL database

What's your suggestion? Thank in Advance


  • I recommend to use blob storage. This would be must faster. You can also expore Azure file sync but it is relatively new offering from Azure.
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