Does Auto Layout Work With Visual Studio Storyboard? NZMember


We are having problems with the Storyboard designer in Visual Studio related to auto layouts.

Problem 1 - It doesn't seem possible to edit layout constraints.

As shown below, we have a height constraint selected on a tableview.

When the constraint is selected there doesn't seem to be any options for editing it (i.e. it has a height constant of 44 pixels but that needs to change):

Selecting constraints through the document outline view also doesn't provide any option for editing them. In Xcode you can simply click once on the constraint in the storyboard, edit the constant value and hit enter.
We have tried editing the constraints by opening the storyboard through the XML editor in visual studio but that results in table views (or any views for that matter) disappearing when the app runs.

Problem 2 - Auto layout constraints added through the Storyboard designer in Visual Studio don't work
In our case we are trying to get labels and TableView controls to fill the full width of the screen. We are manually adjusting the controls until they fill the full width then add leading and trailing constraints to the superview using the handles in the designer. When the app runs on a device with a wider screen than what was used in the designer, the controls do not adjust to fill the full width.

For now we are doing all of our Storyboard design in Xcode which does solve the above issues. However this slows down our development process and we would really like to do Storyboard design in Visual Studio. If anyone has solutions to the above Storyboard issues in the Visual Studio Storyboard editor please let me know?

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