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Got "unable to load jvm.dll" runtime error, while using java function in Xamarin

In my recent automation project, I am trying to get Bitmap stream from drawable object of the image from Android app using Xamarin UI Test.
I am using below code snippet for that: out = new;
App.Query(x => x.Class("AppCompatImageView").Id("IMAGE_ID").Invoke("getDrawable").Invoke("getBitmap").Invoke("compress", Bitmap.CompressFormat.Png, 100, out));

But Xamarin UITest throws runtime error on 2nd line and says unable to load jvm.dll file.
I have already set JAVA_HOME, PATH with JDK, also set JDK path in Visual Studio with Xamarin framework.
But still it throws error.

Anyone has any idea about this, how I can reslove this error?


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