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Mobile Strategy Meeting - input?

mikeacostamikeacosta USUniversity ✭✭✭

I've got an upcoming meeting where mobile technology for a big project will likely be determined. Targeting Android and iOS, although whether cross-platform and/or concurrent development is TBD. UWP maybe but not an apparent priority. Anything is on the table.

  • Website tech are ASP.NET Core for API and below, and React on the client
  • We have existing, experienced Java/Android talent on the team, no Objective-C or Swift currently, though could be acquired
  • We have Xamarin Forms experience (me ;) ), and devs with strong C#/.NET experience
  • Xamarin.iOS and/or Xamarin.Android are possibilities
  • FWIW, this will be one or more business apps, not video games

I'd like to make a compelling case for Xamarin, and part of that will be based on sharing domain and business logic across web, mobile, serverless, etc. using .NET Standard libraries.

Can anyone provide any other input or suggestions, or share your experiences? Thank you.

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