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Xamarian App deploying to ios Device

AnamuUenishiAnamuUenishi USMember ✭✭
edited April 2017 in General

I have never deployed an app for in a real ios device. Have only done it on a Iphone 7 plus Simulator. Watching some tutorials and how to do it this is what i have done so far. I have made a IOS Development Certificate, i have made an App id , I have connected a Device and entered the UDID then created a new device and at last i have made a Provision Profile with the Iphone 7 Device connected, The ios development Certificate Connected and the App ID Connected. After i have done all of that, i continue to watch all the tutorials but there seems to be a change which i can't figure out.

As you can see, in this picture there is a view detail button which you click then download your Provision Profile to your xcode but for me there is not View Detail button and instead it looks something like this.

So unfortunately i don't know what to do, i have watched other tutorials on how to Download the Provision Profile on Xcode and this is what i have done next, i went to Xcode > Window > Devices then right clicked on my Device then it looks something like this.

So i click Show Provision Profiles press add then add my Provision Profile. I though this will work and then continued my steps

The next thing i did was go back to Xamarian went to info.plist double clicked it and then entered my Bundle Indentifer, The next thing i did was

Right clicked the 2 Calculator file, went down to Options and then

Set everything up, as you could see in the picture, Then i press run but it doesn't seem to work and this error message comes up

I am pretty sure i have done everything right but there seems to still be an error. The only possible bit i think i could of got wrong is when there wasn't the view detail button so i did it a another way, maybe the problem is i downloaded the Provision Profile on the IOS Device but no in the Xcode mac or something??. I don't have a clue what i did wrong and did everything about 5 times but still didn't work. It will be great if someone could help.

These are all the Certificate and stuff i did in the aPP development section.

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