Messaging Center Subscribe for current object

wajwaj USMember ✭✭

I have a scenario where i create Entry Controls programmatically.
case "dropdown":

                                      Entry objDropdown = new Entry();
                    objDropdown.HeightRequest = 40;
                    objDropdown.StyleId = Convert.ToString(control.ElementId);

                    MessagingCenter.Subscribe<Picklists, string>(objDropdown, "PicklistSelected", (sender, arg) =>
                        objDropdown.Text = arg; // 
                    } );

If i click on any entry it will open me a list view. Once i select the option will populate in the Entry.
But this should show the selected value only in the current entry but it is changing the value in all the entry's.

How to avoid this situation. I want the selected value to be populated only in the current entry.

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